Best Beverage Cooler Reviews for Our Neighborhood Block Parties



What happens when you want to host a neighborhood party, and you want a convenient solution for providing your guest with chilled drinks and beverages? Well, a worthwhile investment for you at such a point would be to invest in the Best beverage cooler reviews for our neighborhood block parties. Simply put, these coolers come with unique design features such as ample sized bottle holding capacities, rack storage and ergonomic designs amongst various other functions. In this way, you can easily position the beverage cooler where you need it the most such that your guests can have a convenient and constant supply of their favorite drinks and beverages when outdoors.


Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS


Discover the quality of the Danby 120 Can Beverage Center that is regarded as the ideal teammate for those with a large event or perhaps hosting several visitors. When your colleagues, family or close friends stop by your place, it’s important that you serve them with some cold beverages while enjoying their company or perhaps watching a game. With its 120 can storage capacity, you are sure that you will never be short on cold beverages and drinks as well. This Danby 120 Can Beverage Center comes with a tempered glass door and stainless trim to provide an elegant aesthetic appeal for your unique needs. This unit also comes with well over three black wire shelves and a unique interior light that illuminates all the compartments when the door opens.


Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door


Serve your guest with cold drinks every time with the Whynter 20 Bottle ThermoElectric Wine Cooler that provides an innovative design and premium quality features for your beverage storage needs as well. Whether you want to use it in the office, home or perhaps the yacht, this Whynter wine cooler is going to be an excellent addition to your property. To be specific, this thermoelectric wine cooler provides sufficient space for well over 20 bottles of wine and the storage capacity with vibration-free thermoelectric cooling as well. Besides that, it also comes with a sleek countertop unit that has a mirrored glass door to allow for compact and stylish preservation in almost any space.


Soft interior LED lighting with on/ Kalamera 15″ Beverage Cooler


Enjoy the coldest of drinks with this Soft Interior Kalamera Wine cooler that can be used in any section of the home whether the kitchen or perhaps your bedroom as well. Besides that, this wine cooler can also be installed under the counter of any kitchen or bar, and users can use it as a freestanding solution in any room. The compressor is highly silent in operation, and it can even maintain optimal temperature levels without the constant starts and stoppages. It also comes with a stainless steel and sophisticated design with a transparent glass double layer door for the ultimate durability. The inclusion of the inner soft blue LED lighting helps to display your favorite beverages and one can easily access the drinks as well. This unit also comes with removable racks that make the procedure of filling the cooler fast and simple.


Avallon 152 Can 24″ Built-In Beverage Cooler – Right Hinge


Allow yourself to enjoy the tastefulness of chilled drinks with the Avallon 152 Can Beverage cooler that comes with a well-lit interior that is simple to operate and to maintain thanks to the inclusion of the simple to use touch control panel. Besides that, it also comes with a well-positioned LED temperature display that provides impressive results when needed and it you can never find a unit that has such a low-temperature setting. Additionally, it also comes with a right hinged door that is capable of providing temperatures that are as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit and it also lets your beverages become cold without the effects of freezing. You will never have to worry about the effects of hot spots or perhaps uneven cooling with this cooler since it has powerful circulation fans, which work well with the compressor to distribute heat.


5.49 Cu. Ft. EdgeStar 142 Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel


Make an impression on visitors with this EdgeStar 142 can stainless steel beverage cooler that can is ideal for game rooms, kitchens and more, for keeping your drinks cold and fresh each time. Besides that, this unit also allows for dynamic cooling, since the air in the fan is circulated, which is more efficient than the conventional plate cooling that tends to create a cold spot in the cooler. It also comes in a 24-inch width to make it the perfect fit for under counter space and the sleek modern and stainless door helps to keep the refrigerator well insulated such that your beverages can stay cold and fresh at all times. This unit also comes with a digital temperature control unit that allows you to adjust your unit settings with a convenient push button temperature control unit and the observe the inside temperature with the easy to read digital display unit.


NewAir AWB360DB 18 Bottle 60 Can be Dual Zone Built-In Wine & Beverage Cooler
Choose this NewAir AWB360DB 18 beverage cooler that keeps your favorite beverages and wine at a chilled temperature that is perfect to enjoy each time. To be specific, it comes with a special front venting; compressor cooled unit that can be installed for inbuilt purposes or perhaps used as a freestanding model. Additionally, this unit also provides an adjustable temperature range of 36 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit and digital control that allows you to customize how you want your drinks to be stored. This Newer AWB-360DB18 beverage cooler also comes with a dual zone design and the shelves can be adjusted to hold the various beverage sizes. Moreover, this unit also comes with a special door locking mechanism to keep your collection secure and it provides dual zone storage for both beverages and wine as well.


Anyone who wants to keep any drink cold will take interest in the best beverage cooler reviews found on this website.

Wondering about Wausau?

Split in half by the Wisconsin River, the City of Wausau sits as the seat of Marathon County. This Wisconsin city, located near the Town of Wausau, dates back to the 19th century.




The area that Wausau occupies was shaped by the Native Americans who called it home for thousands of years. The people were known as the Ojibwe, or Chippewa, and lived in what is now known as Marathon County until they were pushed out by the Indian war. The war was precipitated by a booming fur trade with the French, which would last even as the French and Native Americans were replaced by American colonists that pushed West later on. The Erie Canal changed everything, helping to Transform America from New York on, funneling settlers Westward.

The land was highly prized because of its fur-bearing animals and location along the Wisconsin River. Those are what first attracted the Ojibwe, then the French, and finally the Americans. The land officially came into possession of European-Americans in 1836, with the signature of a treaty with the US government by the Ojibwe. Even though the Ojibwe lost the land, the name that remains to this day comes from their language. Wausau can be translated as “faraway place.” The name now acts as a reminder of a faraway time.

Political Culture


The city of Wausau is governed by a mayor and a council. The council is composed of 11 different alderpersons. Every one of these alderpersons is elected by a district to represent it on the council. The council has a wide range of responsibilities, which are divided further into eight different committees. These committees manage everything from the city’s parks to its finances. If citizens have any issues with the way, the government is run they have some choices. They can attend council meetings, talk to their alderperson, or run for alderperson themselves. This approach to governance rewards civic responsibility and has allowed Wausau to be as peaceful and prosperous as it is.



Wausau is a bit of an economic throwback. While much of the country is moving in a service-based direction, Wausau is still a thriving manufacturing destination. Many products are made within the Wausau city limits, although there is an emphasis on paper products.  Other popular industries in Wausau include insurance, construction, and agriculture.

The farmland surrounding Wausau is used to grow American ginseng. While ginseng is commonly associated with China in this day and age, it is native to the East coast of North America. It is sold worldwide as a health supplement. The other prominent natural resources in the Wausau area is red granite from the local quarries.

Overall Wausau has a healthy economy. Diverse industries, a variety of natural resources, below average unemployment, and consistent growth. The city has its ups and downs but overall the outlook for Wausau is very good.

Parks and Recreation

The people of Wausau appreciate nature. While the city isn’t the largest in Wisconsin it still has plenty of parks. There are over 337 acres of parkland overseen by the city of Wausau. The city’s Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department maintains 37 parks spread out over those acres. Some of the most famous parks center around Oak Island. The Oak Island Community Park has courts people can play tennis on, playgrounds for children, a baseball field for players of all ages, and a variety of shelters. There’s even a closed building with a kitchen for special events. One of the biggest events in the area is the Big Bull Falls Blues Festival, held in nearby Fern Island. Fern Island can be reached via a bridge connecting it with Oak Island.

Other parks include Athletic Park, Whitewater Park, Sylvan Hills, and Marathon Park. These parks house Rapids, a basketball stadium, hockey rinks, camping sights, an amphitheater, and more. There are plenty of things to do all year long in Wausau’s many parks.

Things To Do In Wausau

In addition to the many parks, there are plenty of other ways to stay entertained in Wausau. Citizens and visitors can start the day off reading one of the three newspapers published. There’s the Wausau Daily Herald, the CityPages, and the Le Dernier Cri. They are daily, weekly, and monthly, respectively.


From there people can visit one of the many entertainment venues and events operating year round. The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and The Grand Theatre are two of the most popular destinations. Special events held throughout the year include the Hmong New Year and the Wisconsin Valley Fair.
Simply put, there’s always something going on in Wausau.